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God deleting all those icons just for 3 new ones was _hard_. .....But so totally worth it D8 2D's expressions in the On Melancholy Hill video are just PRICELESS. Ohgod I wanna hug him. When I first got into Gorillaz (which was, of course, their first video, Clint Eastwood. Who could ever forget those days?) 2D was my favorite band member because blue hair rule. Now he's still got that spot because he's so... so... ohgod... HIM. I don't really care if he's him because of substance abuse either, why does that make it even more endearing!? I don't know!! XD

But at least I also got access to some of the inactive ones LJ put on hold instead of some icons that I pretty much never use at all. ...Which unfortunately some of those were covered in that icon meme I did. WOOPS. Oh well I have no regrets when I look at that derpy face. <3

No, I swear to god, babbling is healthy. It exfoliates the skin. You will literally glow after a bout of babbling, I guarantee. It's how I keep my boyishness!