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o-oh god

the least I can do to help


Another petition to protect the life of a gay woman in a country that doesn't tolerate homosexuality nearly as much as U.S. :( Please sign it in the interest of saving the life of someone who is simply working to support the rights of the LGBT community across the globe.

Speaking of the community, didja hear Obama declared June national LGBT Pride Month? Heckyeah *wearin rainbows everywhere*

:I .....

So I wound up going to RCFM anyway. I just didn't get a badge so I couldn't do anything.

What I DID do, however, was some rad-mad bartering with Kyomana. I traded some of my sales items for some wicked awesome badges for Dexter and I's fursonas. ...Yes, we have fursonas, stfu.


I just had to get her to come out of the artist alley since I couldn't go in, lolols. BUT YEAH CHECK IT OUT .... yaaaaay my first furry baaaaaadge. She didn't do too bad for not having ref :V ...Of my guy. I need to get good ref drawn for him. I'M WORKIN ON EEEEET.

....Soyeah I was mostly just pimpin' badges. THEY SO CUTE. THANKS, KYO! <3



I wanted a place to post my art ... I know I would every now and then here but I want to be able to update it every time I draw and I'm sure that would get tiring to you guys very quickly. SO WHY ADD IT TO YOUR FLIST IN THE FIRST PLACE OHGOD I DONT KNOW just do it. And you want to see Dexter's badass sketches. They're better than mine.




So who here knows computers?

I've been infected by that buggered 2010 virus that poses as a fake virus scan program and I've been trying for weeks to manually remove it TO NO AVAIL. It keeps reproducing itself... because it has files in my System Volume Information folder. Which you can't access under normal circumstances.

I looked online to find out how to get in but anything I found didn't help. I need someone who knows exactly how it's done on Windows XP Home Edition to tell me what to do. Or to blasted well come down here and physically fix my computer because I am so very tired of having to fix things only for them to fall apart again. This virus is so damn annoying, but harmless as long as you know how to keep it isolated.

Oh and knowing how to boot in Safe Mode might also help. Just a guess. I was told to tap F8 upon booting the computer but.... that didn't work. So I have no freaking clue what to do. Help would be awesome.

Btw, and this is important.. I don't have a virus removal prog because I can't afford a real one and can't find freeware. I got one with a trial period that expired already, but it still does scans and lets me know where the malicious files are, which is how I know that virus is camping in System Volume Info. I JUST FECKING WANT RID OF THIS THING UGH. It makes random websites pop up when I'm surfing that I have to close before the page loads. And I can't click links on google anymore because it redirects me to trash sites. I AM SICK OF THIS. SICK OF IT. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE D8

hoodie teasers


IT IS DONE. Well mostly. Also maybe moustache?? Maybe??Collapse )

FIVEDAYSFIVEDAYSFIVEDAYS OH JEEZE WHY CAN'T IT BE HERE ALREADY. Don't be surprised if, in the next few days, I just update the journal with a bunch of gibberish. If so, feel free to ignore it.


So we have 2 weeks until Anime Boston. I'm gonna be on pins and needles from here on out-- moreso than I have been already. >< Uhrg, I just want it to be here already! Waaaaahh!!

Gonna post what I've been working on... I'd like to call Jared finished, but I can't until I fur his moustache (you'll see) and get my hair cut. I just look like I'm wearing a suit otherwise.

But of course I have pictures! Jared and Merlock costumes within.Collapse )

So... next week is spring break. Anyone interested in letting me bum their internet for a day to binge on Superjail episodes? I haven't had the time *cough*or the bandwidth, yeesh*/cough* to do so at home. Or if anyone actually -has- the DVD box set, that'd be even spiffier. *armwiggle* Any takers?? I really gotta know more about the guy I'm cosplaying. XD I mean yeah I've seen a few episodes but I should have his character fresh in my mind for this. SO HELP A GUY OUT.


Another petition


"Gay Ugandans may be sentenced to death if legislation being debated right now passes.

High level international condemnation has just pushed the President to send the bill for review, but Ugandan allies say only a worldwide outcry could tip Parliamentarians away from discrimination, alarming them with global isolation.

We have just days left -- sign the petition to oppose Uganda's anti-gay law below and send it on to friends and family and it will be delivered to Uganda's politicians, donors and embassies around the world."

I don't think every field is required... I know I didn't put in my cell number and it was fine. Sign if you give a damn. Sign even if you only sort of give a damn. We're talking about the lives of innocent people who just want to love the only way they know how.

Return of the Crack

aaaahahahaha I finally have someone to draw crack with again hahahahaha

Oh dear god. Warning: bf/bf shenanigans.Collapse )

OH ALSO WE'VE OFFICIALLY BEEN TOGETHER FOR A MONTH \o/ oh my god. okay listen. For someone who had given up entirely on romantic endeavors, this is an achievement. So if you think I'm excited for no reason, kindly stfu. 8D