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Con report ahoy!

Ok, I was waiting to do this 'till I could get everything uploaded to my photo album! Here it is:


And I'll do a brief recount of how the con went (or as much as I can remember) before I get on to the SWAG. You know how much I love showing off my swaggityswags.

For one, I actually got decent photos of my costumes this time, yayays. For another, since I was Pokemon all weekend, I got recognized all weekend and LOTS of pictures! :D I'll start trolling forums for myself here soon since I have my own pictures to provide now.

Uhrr... Thursday went pretty smoothly. Riding with Neil and William wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, they were actually pretty chill. When I think about it I dunno why I expected anything different. We just cruised on up to ATL with dork music blasting the whole way, but that's anyone's average convention road trip. Arrived kinda late, and was worried I wouldn't be able to buy my badge, but I got there right before it closed and met up with L right after. Actually, when I got my badge, I turned around and there she was. XD The rest was hanging out and getting luggage up to the room. Yay con hotel room! No long walks to and from the room to drop stuff off/take breaks!

Friday was awesomely awesome. I was casual!Shinx on a whim, and although I don't think the costume was quite cohesive enough for my tastes, people still liked it and I still got recognized a lot. I woke up at like 6am ready to seize the day, but we didn't leave the room until 10. I had a lot of time to myself to be quiet and do nothing XD BUT I LIVED. I was in my costume before anybody woke up D: But once we got going it was awesomesauce. I hung out with L and her buddies, and they were all Soul Eater, and SO IN-CHARACTER, HAHA. I found Whit and Shan around the same time I lost them, so I cruised around on my own for a little while. Bought WAY too much in the Dealer Room at Wizzywig my favorite con store D': and also in the AA. Le sigh. I found a Hetalia photoshoot which Dex insisted I take pictures of. There, I found a Russia with awesome Russia-colored earrings and, when I complimented them, she showed me a tongue-ring with the soviet symbol thingy on it. MY, MY!! After that, a little more pooping around, and then I happened to be with Lira, Atrian and Phe-chan when they went to dinner, so I got to go along as well! We went to this AMAZING Japanese restaurant Lira goes to every year. It was the most authentic Japanese food I've ever had, mmmmm. We all ordered different things, and when it all came out we shared everything. I totally gorged myself and STILL crave food from that night. I GOT TO EAT FRIED MOCHI. IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS. But I think dinner was the high point of Friday, deffo. I resolved to spend the rest of the evening watching classic anime but went back to the room instead and hung out with my hotel-buddies, dorking about One Piece and Pokemon and everything else. So nice~! x3

Saturday started out with a bang. I was mostly in costume, once again, before the rest of my cohorts were awake. I left before everyone was up because I wanted to get to the BJD marketplace thing. There I saw sooo many pretty dorries! And I got to introduce my Mizukins to Whit. I also got him a Volks shirt at a discounted price, heckyes. It even matches the pants I got him. But right after that was the Pokemon photoshoot! I felt awkward and out of place because I've only ever done One Piece photoshoots before (isn't that SAD??) but once things picked up it was nice! People asked for my picture and complimented my costume and I kept hearing "omg Spinda! :D" The only thing I'm disappointed about is that, in the big group picture, I'm blocked by Jigglypuff GRRRR. X( Right after the shoot I notice I have texts from Nirs! She's at the con! So I go to meet her! But I have a headache. :C My jaw was hurting a lot on that day but I didn't let it keep me from having fun. :D And Nirs had enough painkillers to keep it at bay. We got to run around and have fun for a little while before the One Piece photoshoot, where she was Bon-chan, Shan was Luffy, and Whit and I were happy to not be in the photoshoot for once this year and just take pictures. XD While I was taking a break and eating lunch after, I met Nirsy's friend Amber, who is awesome and totally related to Crispin Whytehead. :| The evening wound down slowly with more flittering around before dinner at Jock & Jill's with Whit, Shan, Nirs and Amber, then it got sort of confusing. :C Whit and Shan were going to the rave, and Nirs and Amber were going to Yaoi After Dark. I wanted to hang out with everyone so I didn't know what to do. DX So, since I was too tired to dance, I stood in line with them for YAD. Me and Nirs jammed on her ipoop while waiting to be let in. Shortly after, I got a text from Whit saying they were leaving. I wanted to see them one more time so I scrammed. Nirs was close behind because of the ridiculously long yaoi paddle line. XDD So we all got to talk for a little while :'D It was nice to hang out again, but I feel like it just wasn't long enough. LE SIGH. Had some trouble getting Nirs home because she left her stuff in my hotel room and I didn't have a roomkey when her ride came :I;; That sucked. But once I was alone again, I made a small run of the con looking for crap to do without thinking of checking the panels, derp. So I came back pretty much immediately, sat in my room and talked to Dex on the phone. LOL YAY.

Sunday, as low-key as it was, was AMAZINGLY FUN. I resolved to spend the whole day in the AA, so once I got my and my two passengers' stuff loaded into my car, I went back and did just that. Got a biscuit and donut for breakfast from Lira's booth heckyeah thanks Atrian and Phe-chan for feeding me ;0; while showing Lira and Phe-chan all the awesome Pokemon cosplays I saw. Then I went and bugged Mad for commissions and tips on being a COMEECK ARTEEST. She was so damn fun to hang out with. And I found out she loves One Piece and Double Fine just like I do homaigawd. I hope, by some miracle of the interbutts, that I can actually be friends with her. I'm stalking her on DA at the very least. >>;; But after that I sort of got on a roll, going around the AA. Acted interested in any tables that had comics and got into convos with the artists. The people from Cliffside Comics gave me advice, too, and critiqued some of my sketches I had on me. They only had good things to say :D
I FINALLY found Blix's table and told her about how I'd been a fan of Toilet Genie since I found her table the year before, and she really appreciated hearing from a fan. I also got a print from her to support my favorite comic. :D Then I found someone who ACTUALLY works in the gaming industry, and he gave me a lot of really good advice about what it takes to get into my field of choice; game character design. Talking to him was the highlight of my Sunday, I think. Heck, that entire day was a highlight. It really got a fire under my bum as far as arting goes. I really -am- going to start a comic soon, and I'll definitely talk about it here once it gets started. I'm really excited!! Um.... other than that, the weird obscure costumes you see on Sunday are some of my favorites. Someone was dressed as Homsar. Heck yes. And the drive home was just as smooth; I DID get to stop by a QuikTrip and get my orgasmic slushie quota filled. Listened to the music Nirs burned for me on the way back and all was well. :D

AND THAT WAS MY AWA. Gosh, I don't think I ever go that in-depth for my cons anymore. I DID GOOD!

Apologies in advance for having it in separate photos instead of one big pile like I usually do. I bought a lot this year. DX;; Even though my purchases are more or less this: Pokemon, comics & art, and clothes for my BJD. Oh, and candy. Lots of candy. (and throw Hetalia in there, too)

Usually, at a con, I limit myself to one plushie. This time, I walked away with THREE. Oh my god. D8;; So I FIIIINALLY got my bby Togekiss ohgod you don't know how badly I've wanted one. Then I got a Wooper because I'd brought my Quaggy hoodie and ohgod why the hell not!? And that green fuzzy thing in the middle is a baby hill monster I got from Squeaks. She got probably a quarter of my con spending money, no joke. Anyway, I've talked about how awesome she is before and I'll do it again. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself: http://www.theworldofpumpernickel.com and you'll find out about hill monsters there, too. :D

Unfffff COMIIICCCSS ohgodyes *fapfapfap*
Starting from the first three on the left, those are by Mad (http://mynameismad.deviantart.com), who I also got art commissions from, the big one at the top is another from Squeaks (http://www.theworldofpumpernickel.com) and no I won't stop linking it until you click, the smaller one is by Shelli Paroline, who is my friend's boyfriend's sister DERP and I got another comic from her at Anime Boston (http://www.foolproofart.com) the black and white one is from Cliffside Comics and is a sampler, and where my last dollar bill went on Sunday (http://www.cliffsidecomics.com) the artists talked to me about doing comics and were all quite awesome, and even signed the comic for me! and last but not least, 'Sputnik Loves Adventure' by Pon, who I got a print from last year and who is still quite awesome (http://pon.deviantart.com)

ART TO FAP TO. High-quality scans of these can be found at the sketchblog: http://ludicrouspossum.livejournal.com/10724.html
First is stuff my buddy Nirsy drew for me (http://twilightghost.deviantart.com), then ALL MY COMMISSIONS FROM MAD (http://mynameismad.deviantart.com) then one commission from an awesome Pokemon artist (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rileyboi)

The big one on the left was free because the artist was supernice and I agreed to do a hoodie commission for her :D (http://www.soulspoison.com) the next top one is from my favorite comic artist currently :D (http://blix-it.deviantart.com) GO READ TOILET GENIE. The one below it is from someone I got a button from last year LOL COULDN'T RESIST IT (http://thedizziness.com) and the last two are from a really popular artist, Meg Lyman. One of them is for Ally, shhhhhh. (http://meglyman.com)

This is all stuff from Squeaks, aaaahhh! I told you she got a lot of my money XD The big hill monster bookmark was free with the comic, the small one came when I adopted the baby hill monster plush, and the rest came in a surprise parcel thing. She even helped me pick one out with a button in it. C: (http://www.theworldofpumpernickel.com you know you want to )

This is all stuff Nirsy gave me and boo. :B I'll be giving him his stuff when I go up to see him for my birthday 8B *so excited!!*


Something I forgot to photograph; it's a magnet! :D
Something I forgot to photograph with other stuff, lol. A magnet I bought from the artist next to Mad because I knew when I looked at her art that I'd be spending tons of money on her, and I didn't want the other artist to feel bad. Plus, it's cute!! (http://bemused-dreamer.deviantart.com)

AND more stuff I forgot to photograph. Except Wooper, who is merely modeling one of my more wise purchases. And the one beneath it makes me super happy omg I've always wanted a little rainbow flag yaaaaaay :DDD

Now that he has legit clothes I don't have to feel bad about showing him off. XDD They're not ~Mizu~ clothes but they'll keep him from being naked, anyway. They're like... his summer vacation clothes. There you go. And I'm getting him a new faceup so he'll look even more like Mizu... er, soon. XD

I also got him a new pair of undies. Which he models very well in his 'take me' pose. :I

.....Which is a very lovely note to end on. HURRHURR. ...Now to repeat all this crap at DA, augh.


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Hey there!
I'm Jessie-Lynn from Ever Tomorrow! I came across your post while looking for Cliffside stuff, and I am thrilled you were so pleased.

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