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lalalalala derderderp

I just have this to say before I leave for AWA:


Oh and this:


It's almost enough to convince me to hop on the rave. ....Then I think about the lines. I'll be raving in an obscure hallway with my friends kthx B:

And oh my god I'm actually gonna hit the QuikTrip this time. I've already got the address programmed into my GPS. Fuck yes. Slushie heaven here we come.

Edit: okfine I'll tell you my costumes. Shinx, Quagsire, and a new Pokemon costume I've only told a couple people about. I'm hoping to wear it at the Pokemon photoshoot on Saturday. :D~

Oh geez, also, I couldn't find my shirt for Shinx so I'm doing a casual version. I'm actually pretty pumped about it.